2011-08-15 by tamberg

Yaler is a simple, open and scalable relay infrastructure enabling secure Web access to embedded systems behind a firewall or NAT. We started developing Yaler in late 2008 at Oberon microsystems and introduced it to the public at WoT 2010, the first international workshop on the Web of Things. Since then, Yaler has been released for non-commercial use with full source at

From developing a Yaler-based product for an enterprise customer we learned that adding an Internet connection to a device can be disruptive for the company producing it. Web-enabling a device means that the device is now a representation of a service. And users judge the end-to-end experience rather than the individual device. If a device cannot be accessed, it simply does not work. This holds for the final product as much as for the first field trial. Therefore, providing a service with high availability becomes a core requirement from day one.

To help our customers face the challenge of providing a service that just works, we founded Yaler GmbH, spin-off number two of Oberon microsystems. The new company now owns and develops Yaler. And Yaler GmbH offers Yaler as an easy-to-integrate, hosted, pay-per-use service together with premium enterprise support. For inquiries, please contact me ( or visit