Programming Your Home

2011-11-09 by tamberg

As big fans of the DIY movement's bottom-up approach to building the Internet of Things, we're glad to see that Yaler is mentioned in Mike Riley's forthcoming book published by the Pragmatic Programmers, Programming Your Home:

The projects in this book should work perfectly fine in a home local area network. However, obtaining sensor data outside of this local network is a challenge. How do you check on the status of something like a real-time temperature reading without going through the hassles of opening and forwarding ports on your router (not to mention the potential security risks that entails)?

Fortunately, several companies have begun to aggressively offer platforms accessible via simple web service API’s to help overcome these hassles. Three of these gaining momentum are Pachube, Exosite, and Yaler. Configuring and consuming their services is a fairly straight-forward process. I encourage you to visit these sites to learn more about how to incorporate their messaging capabilities into your own projects.

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