Web of Things

2011-12-02 by tamberg

Vlad Trifa and Dom Guinard both recently finished their PhD. Their work at ETH Z├╝rich, SAP Research and MIT helped to establish the Web of Things (WoT) as a proper field of research. We are honored that both reference Yaler in their theses.

Here is a quote from Dom's thesis (ellipses are mine):

Dealing with Firewalls and NATs

...This issue is not inherent to RFID readers but is a general issue when deploying WoT systems in the real-world and in particular in corporate environments.

A common practical solution to these problems is the use of the Reverse HTTP protocol where a service on the Internet acts as a public proxy for devices behind firewalls and/or NATs on a private network...

...As an example, the open-source Yaler project is providing a service implementing the Reverse HTTP protocol.

And an excerpt from Vlad's thesis:

Even though push solutions are known as more reactive, but less scalable, recent work has shown that Web push notifications on embedded devices are not only possible (for example Yaler uses ReverseHttp on Arduinos), but also present various advantages.

Thanks and congrats to both!