Domestic Interaction for Mobile Workers

2015-09-26 by tamberg

How might people, whose work often keeps them away from home, remain part of key aspects of domestic life? This is the driving question behind Family Rituals 2.0, a multidisciplinary research project exploring family life in the digital age.

The design research collaboration between the Royal College of Art and Newcastle University led to a number of "ritual machines", connecting workers to their loved ones. Three of the prototypes use Yaler, according to David Chatting, investigative designer and research associate at Newcastle University's OpenLab.

Machine #1 enables having a drink together while apart by connecting a smart beer opener with a wine dispenser at home. Machine #2, a beautifully designed flip-dot display, enables anticipation of time together. And Machine #3 translates the stop-and-go of your daily commute into the movement of a Roomba at home.

The machines, bespoke designs that individual families have lived with, have been exhibited at the Royal College of Art during the London Design Festival. To learn more about future development and exhibitions, follow @Family_Rituals.